Do you love cats? Are you curious about cat breeds and personalities? Did a lovable stray stroll into your life and win your heart?

Join us as we celebrate the felines in your life! Learn about cat behavior, health, history and more. Participate in a community where cat lovers like you are the stars - CatsCenterstage!

Spotlight On Strays

Paolo 21 Days: Starlight's Story

Round eyes full of pain dimly shone from the impossibly filthy, matted ball of fur. I reached out to him - and a remarkable cat came into my life ...more..

Tell us about the special stray in your life
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Therapy Cat: Sharing the Love Therapy Cat: Sharing the Love

Ask any number of cat owners about the benefits of petting or snuggling with a cat and the responses will likely be the same. Cats provide their own brand of unconditional love and comfort. They help us relax and cope with the stresses of life in a special way. More..

  How to Show a Cat

Always wondered what is involved in showing a cat? Our new series of seven training videos will explain the ins and outs from start to finish...More...

Choosing a Cat

Cats have become the choice pet for over 90 million households in the United States. Are you the right match for a cat? The decision is a major one and revolves around your expectations and lifestyle. Our new series of eight videos will help you go through the process of choosing a cat. Kitten or adult? Longhair or shorthair? random-bred cat or pedigreed breed? If you already have a resident cat, you will want to know how to introduce your new cat. More ...

CFA Feline Agility CompetitionFELINE AGILITY:
Training the Nation's Cats & Owners, One at a Time!

News Flash! A craze is sweeping the nation! Cats of every size, shape, breed and origin are competing with their owners... in AGILITY competitions. Agility? Isn't that only for dogs? If you think so, then check out these amazing videos... Want to know more? Read this and learn how you and your cat can have fun with Agility!

Discussion Forum Now Open!

The Discussion Forum is now open to registrants to post and guests can read comments on several of our topics. Use our calendar to learn more details about upcoming cat shows and publicize your own event. FREE registration .... sign up and join in the full discussion!

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Ask The Experts!

Do you wonder why your cat acts that way or does that irritating thing that drives you nuts? Did your veterinarian diagnose your cat's illness and you want to know more? Is a grooming problem making YOU tear your hair out and you don't know where to turn? Our team of Behavior, Grooming and Veterinary Experts will help shed some light on your dilemma. You can submit your question and you might see it featured and answered on the Ask the Experts page! We would love to hear from you!

Special Events

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Did You Know?

According to the 2009-2010 APPA National Pet Owners Survey,
62% of U.S. households own a pet.
Over 38 million households own at least one cat.

American Pet Products Association
National Pet Owners' Survey 2009-2010


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